Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27th

Today was an amazing Portland early summer day. Spirits were high as the rain has taken a hiatus. "Junuary" became June just in the nick of time and it always rains during the Blues Festival.

Highlights today were the family from Texas who took the kids to the Forestry Center in Washington park and then had me return to take them back to the hotel to get luggage and then off to the airport. They were in town for the Jersey Cow convention at the Double Tree Lloyd Center. We shared stories of trips to Israel, they were even on the kibbutz where I was born. They were drawn by Christianity and a Jewish friend who traveled with them. I
was surprised by these religious cow farmers from Texas and how much we had in common.

Another highlight was Stephanie who's creating a resort just off of Alberta comprised of a 12' diameter 4' deep above ground swimming pool with a full bar you can swim up to. She's on the board and has invited me to join the club! Stephanie, pls send pics. So Portland!

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