Monday, July 19, 2010

Speak Easy

I just dropped off Travis, he hopped in the cab with his skateboard at Fremont and 47th, complaining of wet shoes from the previous days swim in the Sandy River. He didn't want to skate to work today to the 5th Quadrant, a Lompoc Brew Pub on NE Williams & Failing. A place I have spent a good amount of time in, I recommend the happy hour nachos (huge/cheap) and their beer is always fresh and tasty. But I'm not writing this post about the 5th Quad. I'm writing about something stranger and much more obscure.

Travis was picked up at Dean's Scene. Where he spent the night btw. He enthusiastically spoke of a Speak Easy, his friend Dean the brewer, and the fascinating underground

phenomena of a basement, home-brew, barter...scene.

Here's a more comprehensive review:

The story here is that on any Mon, Wed, Fri, or Sat when this sign lights up in the basement window, a window that doesn't face the street so at best you will detect it's neon glow. When the light is on you can go around back and let yourself into a world out of this world. A place where you will always taste a new brew, where you can help Dean with his creations, where your money is merely a donation for his next batch. Personally I can't wait to check it out.

Are there other Speak Easy's in Portland? Do tell.

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