Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starbucks; If you can't join em, Beat Em...

...oh, and I guess, join em too.

Starbucks is not my idea of a company I would readily support (especially in writing),
however, they are open for business when most local options are not, and they provide a consistent quality product that I appreciate. Not to mention you can just about spit with your eyes closed in any direction and hit one nationwide. Try it.

I have recently learned to order in such a way as to get the equivalent of two $4 Vanilla Latte's for $1.50 everyday.

2 easy steps, here's how it's done:

1. Put money onto a Starbucks card and register the card at Join, it's actually worth it, and they have a handy iPhone app.

2. Order precisely in the following manner... "A tall bold coffee, in a grande cup, add steamed half and half, and vanilla". If you can tell the difference between this drink and a Latte, I promise you won't be able to after your third one.

The first 5 cups will cost you $2.00. Each and every consecutive cup is $1.50 because the flavor is free on your 5th drink.

The second Drink (refill) is free because after 5 drinks that little beni kicks in. I just show up at any Starbucks and let them know I want another tall with steamed half and half. Give them my card and it automatically let's them know not to charge me.

Additionally you'll receive a free tall beverage of your choice every 15 cups, as well as a free tall drink of choice on your birthday. Free milk upgrades (soy, etc...) and flavored syrups.

Now you may think that a coffee with steamed half and half is not a latte, and technically you are correct. Try it and you'll see that it's just as good with less calories. You can also try it with whole or skimmed milk for even better health benefits.


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